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A Message from the Owners: Michael and Greg

We are so excited to announce the name change of our beloved Absolute Rehab Centre to LiveWell Health and Physiotherapy. Absolute Rehab Centre was our very first clinic in the Waterloo Region just over 16 years ago and has seen tremendous growth, both in reputation and popularity, thanks entirely to the support from our amazing community and team members. As small business owners, nothing has been more humbling than to hear such positive feedback regarding the quality of care and the trust the Waterloo community has in Absolute Rehab Centre.

The decision to change our name did not come lightly as 'quality of care’ and ‘Absolute Rehab Centre’ have become synonymous over the years.

With much deliberation, we have decided that we will join names with our sister clinic in Baden. 5 years ago, we gained ownership of LiveWell from Sarah Scott (RMT) and have continued to carry on its amazing reputation in the Wilmot area. Michael and I both feel the name LiveWell Health and Physiotherapy is a better representation of the holistic approach our clinics offer to the community.

Our location on University Avenue will forever be referenced as ‘Absolute’ and will ALWAYS provide the same level of amazing care for the Waterloo community. Michael and I will continue as proud owners of a business with an amazing team and patients. We look forward to many more great years as an organization that is more than just a name and more about our patient's health and wellness.

Thank you for your ongoing support,
Michael and Greg

Welcome to LiveWell Health and Physiotherapy

Go on a virtual tour of our clinic to see all the updates we made to our office space to keep everyone safe now that we can reopen.

LiveWell Waterloo, formerly known as Absolute Rehab Centre, joined the LiveWell team in 2021.

Our Mission: Since 2005, our clinic has aimed to provide the highest level of physical rehabilitation to patients with the most advanced and proven therapy techniques. Our staff continually upgrades their knowledge and skills to provide patients with the most current and effective rehabilitation treatment.

Physiotherapy, or physical rehabilitation, is the treatment of restoring and strengthening the body’s movement. Patients come in for Physiotherapy after sustaining injuries, or to help deal with long-term problems such as musculoskeletal problems or immune system diseases. Searching for the right Physiotherapist or Physiotherapy clinic in Waterloo, ON can be difficult. Let LiveWell Waterloo be your first choice for physical rehabilitation in Waterloo.

In addition to Physiotherapy Services, we offer Chiropractic Treatments, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture Treatments, Naturopathic Medicine, and Orthotic Solutions for our patients in Waterloo and Kitchener. We work together with brands and businesses to provide safe and high-quality products for our patients’ treatments.

The LiveWell Waterloo Team

The LiveWell Waterloo team places our clients at the forefront of the practice. We work together with brands and businesses to provide the best quality treatments and safest products for patient. We also take a caring approach and place our time and honesty into recommendations for clients. Behind each success story is our staff. Our staff is the backbone of our clinic and we work together to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation process to get clients back in motion.

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