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Custom Orthotics are not only an investment in your feet but an investment in your legs, hips, back and overall posture. Orthotics are special insoles created, usually by a Chiropractor or a Podiatrist, to place in shoes to provide the foot with better support. Orthotics can be made from a few different materials, however, polypropylene (a type of plastic) is the common choice to make Rigid Orthotics. Rigid Orthotics are made of firm plastic to give closer and more stable support for the foot, ankle and leg

Because each Orthotic is created specifically for each patient, the pain relief and postural alignment produce better results in comparison to over-the-counter solutions. Orthotics can also be made for specific pairs of shoes, which means that your preferred choice of footwear can have the support you need.

How Do I Get Fitted For Orthotics in Waterloo?

At LiveWell Waterloo, patients are fitted for Orthotics during their initial appointment. During this appointment, our Chiropractor, Dr. Allensen, will examine how the patient’s foot is structured, and their body alignment and movements. Body mass, activity levels, and a patient’s posture are important to note when creating Orthotics because it determines what area of the foot will need the most support. Dr. Allensen will take foot moulds from a patient in both a neutral position and a sitting position to get the best Orthotic for the patient. Any modifications to the Orthotic can be made for the best results possible.

Here are just some of the reasons patients choose to get Orthotics in Waterloo:

  • Helps with foot pain caused by pronated (turned in) feet
  • Creates a supported arch for those who have flat feet
  • Helps to alleviate knee pain and lower back pain
  • Provides extra support for athletes who need more stability in their feet
  • Helps with balance problems that affect the feet and legs
  • Supports the alignment of the spine for those who have Scoliosis
  • Management of foot problems, like Bunions

Check out the orthotic group to learn more about custom orthotics

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