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7 Ways to Prepare for Running Season

May 2021

Here are our team’s top 7 tips for preparing your body for the running season this spring.

How To Improve Your Sleeping Posture

May 2021

Here are our team’s top tips and tricks for improving your sleeping posture and preventing unnecessary pain every morning.

Physiotherapy Relief for Office Job Arm Pain

April 2021

Here are the most common problem areas and their initial steps for relief that we treat in our patients’ hands and arms.

Can Physiotherapy Help with My Headaches?

April 2021

Headaches are a very common health condition that, unfortunately, people leave untreated. You don’t have to live through the head pain!

Working-from-Home Lower Body Stretches

March 2021

Here are our team’s top 4 lower body areas you should focus on stretching out while working from home or back to the office.

Preventing Home-Gym Injuries

March 2021

It's important to complete the necessary steps to prevent injury when exercising at home.